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Drought modifies tree competitiveness in an oak-beech temperate forest

2018 Forest Ecology and Management Volume: 429 Initial page: 7 End page: 17
Authors: Rubio-Cuadrado, Á.;Camarero, J.J.;del Río, M.;Sánchez-González, M.;Ruiz-Peinado, R.;Bravo-Oviedo, A.;Gil, L.;Montes, F.

Effects of crown architecture and stand structure on light absorption in mixed and monospecific Fagus sylvatica and Pinus sylvestris forests along a productivity and climate gradient through Europe

2018 Journal of Ecology Volume: 106 Initial page: 746 End page: 760
Authors: David Ian Forrester;Christian Ammer;Peter J. Annighöfer;Ignacio Barbeito;Kamil Bielak;Andrés Bravo-Oviedo;Lluis Coll;Miren del Río;Lars Drössler;Michael Heym;Václav Hurt;Magnus Löf;Jen den Ouden; all

Climate effects on growth differ according to height and diameter along the stem in Pinus pinaster Ait.

2018 IForest Volume: 11 Initial page: 237 End page: 242
Authors: Álvaro Rubio-Cuadrado;Andrés Bravo-Oviedo;Sven Mutke;Miren del Río

Climate influences on the maximum size-density relationship in Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) and European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) stands

2017 Forest Ecology and Management Volume: 385 Initial page: 295 End page: 307
Authors: Condés, S.;Vallet, P.;Bielak, K.;Bravo-Oviedo, A.;Coll, L.;Ducey, M.J.;Pach, M.;Pretzsch, H.;Sterba, H.;Vayreda, J.;del Río, M.

Dominant height growth equations including site attributes in the generalized algebraic difference approach

2008 Canadian Journal of Forest Research Volume: 38 Initial page: 2348 End page: 2358
Authors: Bravo-Oviedo, Andrés;Tomé, Margarida;Bravo, F.;Montero, Gregorio;Del Río, Miren