The origin of mass

The group studies the origin of mass, with two main lines of research:

1- Higgs physics, Beyond the Standard Model (BSM) physics and LHC

The generic goal is to confront theoretical scenarios with LHC data, exploiting the current and developing simulation tools. The main research of the group is the Standard Model (SM) and Beyond. This includes detailed analyses of how to extract Higgs properties from LHC data, search of signals of BSM physics, such as e.g. supersymmetry, or the interplay between dark matter searches with BSM physics.

2-Flavour and Neutrino Physics

The group is mainly interested in the analysis of neutrino masses and leptonic mixing angles. It also extends the study of neutrino oscillations from well-known sources to neutrinos from astrophysical sources. Eventually, wants to improve the present control on the nuclear matrix elements relevant for neutrinoless double-beta decay.

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