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CSIC mainly develops its scientific and technical activity through its research institutes, which are organized in departments integrated by research groups.

CSIC is a State Agency with the consideration of a Public Research Organization (OPI) of the Spanish General State Administration and develops its function through a multiplicity of organizational structures lacking their own legal personality. The research institutes in which the scientific and technical research activity of CSIC is developed are notable for their importance and number. Every institute is thematically integrated into any of the 3 Global Areas of CSIC. 

  • CSIC research activity is carried out with full scientific autonomy and is organized through research groups that integrate different departments. CSIC management activity is carried out under a decentralization and responsibility regime.
  • For their internal operation, the institutes have their own direction (Direction, Deputy Direction(s), Board), management (administrative manager) and advice bodies (Scientific faculty).

CSIC currently has 120 research institutes distributed throughout the national territory, with the exception of the Spanish School of History and Archeology of Rome (Italy).  Out of 120 institutes, 51 are of joint centers with other institutions, primarly universities.

There are also 8 centers, considered as research support units, that provide technical and administrative support to two or more institutes.

Resolutions of the Director General of the Institute for Diversification and Saving of Energy (IDEA) which resolve applications for aid formulated for the call for expressions of interest for the selection and implementation of energy renovation projects for existing buildings and infrastructures of the General State Administration to be co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER).

Nº de Expediente: FEDER-AGE-2018-000382

Replacement of 3 refrigeration units, 3 refrigeration towers, 1 natural gas boiler, 11 recirculation pumps, corridors luminaires. Upgrade of the computer control system in the centralised air-conditioning and LED lighting system in the corridors of the main building of the Centro Nacional de Biotecnología of the CSIC.

Nº de Expediente: FEDER-AGE-2018-000404

Project for the energy renovation of the building corresponding to the Centro de Humanidades y Ciencias Sociales of the CSIC (AECSIC), C/Albasanz 26-28 (MADRID), to replace 6 refrigeration units, 3 refrigeration towers, 1 natural gas boiler and 12 recirculation pumps for switching to variable flow technology.

Nº Expediente: FEDER-AGE-2018-000437

Project to improve the energy efficiency of the building with the reform of the interior and exterior lighting installation with the incorporation of control and regulation systems in lighting. Integral reform of the air conditioning installation and reform of the low voltage electrical installation associated with both in the buildings of the Instituto de Ciencias de la Construcción Eduardo Torroja (ICCET) of the CSIC (AECSIC) in Madrid.

Nº de Expediente: FEDER-AGE-2019-000557

Air conditioning installations and exterior carpentry in the building of Geology.

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