The mission of the Spanish National Research Council is the promotion, coordination, development and dissemination of scientific and technological multidisciplinary research, in order to contribute to the progress  of knowledge and economic, social and cultural development; as well as to the training of human resources dedicated to research, and the advice to public and private entitites in these fields. (art. 4 Statute)

The Spanish National Research Council is the main delivery agent of the Spanish System for Science, Technology and Innovation; and in order to carry out its mission, it has competences to carry out activities aimed at:

  • The generation of knowledge through scientific and technical research
  • The transfer of results from research, specially to boost and create technology-based enterprises
  • The expert advice provided to public and private institutions
  • The highly-qualified pre-doctoral and post-doctoral training
  • The promotion of scientific culture in society
  • The management of large facilities and unique scientific and technical infrastructures
  • The presence and representation in international bodies
  • The development of targeted research