Institutional Relations

The State Agency CSIC, as a multidisciplinary Public Research Organisation, acts as the central axis within the Spanish Science, Technology and Innovation System (SECTI) and occupies a pivotal position as the main agent undertaking scientific and technical activities in Spain.


This central role is evident both from in terms of results (scientific production, patents, etc.) and also from the territorial and institutional perspective since the CSIC has its own institutes as well as joint research institutes throughout  the autonomous regions of Spain. Furthermore, its multidisciplinary nature allows the CSIC to establish agreements and alliances with numerous and varied agencies within the Spanish Science, Technology and Innovation System (SECTI), both public and private. This confers on the Agency a strategic role in the development of institutional relations, for which the Vice-Presidency for Institutional Affairs and Organisation (VORI) is responsible.

Relaciones institucionales

The CSIC maintains intense collaborative activity through the creation of and participation in other entities and its inclusion as a member in governing or advisory bodies. Likewise, the CSIC commonly collaborates through multiple institutional initiatives which are executed through agreements, management orders or other forms of collaboration.


The CSIC, as the backbone and facilitator of Science in Spain, collaborates, advises and supports other entities and organisations for the benefit of the scientific and technological progress. For this purpose, it participates when circumstances demand as an expert in a great variety of entities and collegiate bodies, public or private, with or without their own legal character; the CSIC also forms part of governing bodies and specialized or advisory committees of other institutions.

The CSIC plays a fundamental role in promoting different scientific initiatives with great national and international projection, such as the International Campus of Excellence, technological platforms and other institutional collaborations managed from the Vice-President for Institutional Affairs and Organisation (VORI).
The CSIC collaborates with and is integrated in more than 250 entities and governing bodies in different ways (as partner, trustee, advisor, etc.).

Foundations 52
Associations 25
Consortium 20
Partners 5
Economic Interest groups 5
Natural Parks 25
Commissions 16
Committees 15
Campus of International Excellence 13
National Parks 9
Public Institution/Organisations 8
Governing Boards 7
Reserves 6
Platforms 3
Institutes 2
Other entities 40



Given the central and pivotal role of the CSIC within the Spanish Science, Technology and Innovation System (SECTI) - derived from its multidisciplinary research and its implementation throughout the national territory- the Agency participates, advises and collaborates with many initiatives, institutions and entities from all sectors of Spanish society.

Also noteworthy is the collaboration of the CSIC in terms of providing expert advice to other institutions, jointly developing research projects, innovative initiatives or sharing the use, operation and maintenance of equipment and large international scientific installations.

Likewise, the CSIC deploys a wide variety of collaboration and cooperation activities with all types of entities for the promotion and dissemination of scientific culture, as well as for participation in specialised training programmes and activities in scientific and technical fields (postgraduate studies, professional training, improvement and specialisation courses).
All these institutional collaborations are implemented by general operating protocols, agreements, management orders and other forms of cooperation.