Training and employment

The are many alternatives for joining and working in the CSIC: to do it as a researcher, it is required to be in possession of the title of doctor; as a researcher in training, through a predoctoral contract; as technician, supporting research directly in its diverse modalities; or as a technician responsible for the administrative management.

Depending on the duration of the employment relationship, it is possible to choose one of the following options:

  • Public servants and public employees: to have a stable and permanent relationship with the CSIC, as a researcher or technician, in any of its fields of activity. These processes are linked to the public employment offer, an instrument that marks the human resources policy.
  • Temporal contracts with a fixed term relationship, to participate in research projects, agreements and contracts, prior selection through the labour exchange or specific calls. Also being a beneficiary of the programmes of national, autonomous, European and / or international funding agencies, prior selection according to their respective calls.

Why to be part of the CSIC?

The CSIC is a singular research body in Spain recognised and valued by society.

Postdoctoral Professional Development

Around 11,000 people work and research in the CSIC.

Bolsa de Trabajo

Labour Exchange

The CSIC’s Labour Exchange is the selection mechanism to access the positions of temporal work linked to research projects, agreements and contracts.


You can consult all the information related to the specific calls for fixed and temporary employment in the CSIC and other specific calls.