White Books

Scientific Challenges 2030

A strategy that defines research priorities and needs for the coming decades.

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What are the main scientific challenges of the first half of the 21st century? Can we establish priorities for the future? How should the scientific community address them?These books outline the observations of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) on 14 strategic themes established according to their scientific impact and social importance. 

Fundamental questions such as the origin of life, the exploration of the universe, artificial intelligence, the development of clean, safe and efficient energies or the understanding of the functioning of the brain are addressed. The volumes identify complex challenges in areas such as health and social sciences, and the selected strategic themes cover both basic questions and potential applications of knowledge.

Nearly 1,200 researchers from more than 115 CSIC centers and other institutions (public research organizations, universities, etc.) participated in this analysis. All agreed on the need for a multidisciplinary approach and the promotion of collaborative research to enable the launching of ambitious projects focused on specific topics.

These 14 White Papers, published by Editorial CSIC, aim to serve as a reference framework for the development of the institution's scientific strategy, providing an insight into the research currently being carried out at the CSIC and, at the same time, building a global vision of what the main scientific challenges will be in the next decade.