Framework Programme for Research and Innovation in the European Union

Horizon 2020 is the eighth Framework Programme for Research and Innovation in the European Union for the period 2014-2020. It has a budget of more than 70.000 million euros to finance initiatives and projects of research, technological development, demonstration and innovation of clear European added value.

The first participation of CSIC in the European Research Framework Programs dates back to 1984, with the implementation of the first Framework Program. This participation has been uninterrupted and progressive until today, in Horizon 2020.

At European level, among the public research organizations, CSIC positioning is remarkable being normally among the first five by number of projects awarded. This results place CSIC as the first Spanish entity in number of projects, economic return and number of coordinated activities.

H2020 Projects leaded by CSIC

CSIC, with more than one hundred and thirty projects, is the Spanish entity with the more coordinated activities in Horizon 2020.

This high number of coordinated actions supports CSIC´s solvency to exercise this role in consortiums. Acting as coordinator brings greater visibility to our institution, and generally, greater economic return is obtained. It is important to highlight the trust placed in us, the European partners, to be able to exercise this role.

This section shows the consorciated international projects in which CSIC plays the role of coordinator. For more information click here.

H2020 CSIC as beneficiary

CSIC as reference institution in Science in Spain and one of the most outstanding in the European Research Area is characterized by being a good ally for European projects as it has:
  • A multidisciplinary and multisectoral character. Research groups specialized in all fields of knowledge, from the most basic research to the most complex technological developments
  • Large technological and physical resources to carry out the research
  • Long experience in management of singular Infrastructures
  • A prominent position in the national and international scientific scene. Thanks to his participation in Science Europe, it has positioned internationally on key issues for the future of research, such as open access, data management and research orientation towards the challenges posed by sustainable development
  • A long network of contacts thanks to R&D contracts and patent licensing agreements signed with other institutions
  • Great experience in national, European and international projects
  • Impact publications in internationally recognized journals such as Nature or Science
  • The largest number of patent applications in Spain.

On the other hand, CSIC's participation in European consortiums generates many benefits for the institution such as collaboration with companies and other prestigious organizations, access to new technologies, privileged information and new knowledge, increased competitiveness, internationalization, opening to new markets and contacts with the most competitive scientific and technological environment.

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