Vice-presidency for International Relations

The International Affairs of the CSIC, understood as those actions aimed at leading, planning and promotion of international relations in the European and international area; leading strategy, coordination and monitoring of CSIC's participation in competitive calls and co-management of programs at European and international level, and leading the management of contracts with international organizations, are coordinated through the Vice Presidency of International Affairs (VRI) ) of CSIC.


VRI team is composed of staff with multidisciplinary training and experience in both private and public sectors in the field of application and management of European and international grants.

The Vice Presidency count with National Contact Points and experts in different programs and working committees of H2020, as well as being collaborators of the EC in the development of management tools such as SYGMA or Participant Portal.

The staff of the VRI, in addition to having two area coordinators and four Service Managers, has a team of specialized Program technicians, as well as specialized personnel that provides support in transversal tasks of the VRI. 

Relaciones institucionales

The International Projects Area has been beneficiary of the following grants, funded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, with the National Program for R&D&I Oriented to the Society Challenges, with the call “Europe Networks and Managers 2014” the grant ECT2019-000402 and funded by the Spanish State Research Agency (AEI) with the State Program for Knowledge Generation and Scientific and Technological Strengthening of the R&D&i System, Subprogram for the Knowledge Generation, call “Europe Networks and Managers — Europe Technology Centres 2019” the grant ECT2019-000402. Both grants have been aimed at strengthening the European program service and the internationalization structure of the CSIC.


What we do

The VRI is structured in two functional areas: International Programs and International Cooperation and Resources. The competences of the Programs Area include the management and promotion of projects for competitive calls of European and international funding agencies. Within this area there are three Services, one for the European Framework Program, another for other International Programs (European and non-European) and a third Service in charge of the policy and strategy of CSIC in the European Commission.

The area of cooperation and resources has the competencies of managing the resources of the VRI for the promotion of internationalization and international cooperation, either through its own calls (i-link, i-coop), calls co-managed by CSIC (PICS, AECID) and international collaboration agreements. CSIC's participation in the ESFRI (European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures) is also coordinated from this area.

Sala de espera

(PICS, AECID) y convenios de colaboración internacional. También se coordina desde este área la participación de CSIC en las ESFRI (European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures)

To download the organization chart of the Vice Presidency, click here.

Where are we


The VRI has several physical locations. The Vice President and its secretariat are located in the Central Campus of CSIC, in the building of 117 Serrano Street. The Vice-Presidency Coordination Areas are located in the Central Campus of the CSIC in Madrid, in the building of 25 Pinar Street and in Catalonia and Aragon institutional Delegations of CSIC.

We have several contact email addresses where you can contact us and we will assist you in the questions and proposals that you want to raise: (for general matters), (for related matters with the European Framework Program), or (for issues of own calls and international agreements)

Through our Twitter account where you can find out about all the news related to the European Research Area @Europeos_CSIC

Finally, due to the training activities that we carry out from the VRI for CSIC staff, as well as our assistance to infodays and other types of dissemination days of the Framework Programs, it is common to find us in other national and European locations. Do not hesitate to contact us in these meetings because we will be happy to assist you.