Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) scientific production should be in leading positions of a highly competitive international scientific environment. This is the main reason why the CSIC's relations with other international research entities are an essential point for the CSIC's progress.



In this context, the Vice-presidency for International Relations (VRI) has the objective of promoting and improving scientific activities and results of the CSIC at an international level, both in European calls (within and outside the European Framework Programme), as well as in other international calls. With this objective, VRI works among others to improve support in the preparation of scientific project proposals, the search and dissemination of funding opportunities and the carrying out of training activities.

On the other hand we should not forget that researchers are fundamental pieces of CSIC for the construction of a solid network of international scientific relations. In order to strengthen and promote the growth of this network, VRI establishes new institutional relationships with research organizations and entities from third countries through bilateral agreements, as well as other initiatives such as the own calls, financed with CSIC funds, to strengthen the international role of the Institution.

Facts & Figures CSIC internacional

CSIC is the first Spanish organization by number of projects and economic return in the Framework Program of the European Union. At a European level, among public research organizations, positioning is also noteworthy, since it ranks third for the number of projects awarded.

But beyond the traditional indicators of return, the Vice-presidency for International Relations works to put in value the indicators of the international scientific activity of the CSIC and its specific weight in the national scientific production.

This section includes the figures and facts that are most representative of the international activity of the CSIC, economic and scientific, which give an idea of the volume and importance of the Institution at a national and international level.



Internacional Events

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