Research in the CSIC is structured in three main areas, SOCIETY, LIFE AND MATERIA which cover most of the human knowledge, with more than 1,500 research groups and 120 centres devoted to them.

The scientific advances required to give a response to the challenges of the 21th century society involve a coordinated approach of researchers trained in different disciplines, capable of providing new keys to solve the main problems we are facing. Around 11.000 people committed to different tasks enable the CSIC to be globally known as a reference for scientific research.

In order to achieve this aim, our institution comprises from the fundamental aspects of basic science to the most complex technological developments in all fields of knowledge: human and social sciences, science and food technology, biology, biomedicine, physics, chemistry, materials, natural resources and agricultural sciences. Although each one of these areas has its own identity, the current complexity of scientific processes makes that frontier increasingly blurred in favor of a transdisciplinary research where the fields of knowledge do not remain apart from each other.

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Áreas Científicas

Scientific Areas

CSIC is the research organization in Spain with the greatest multidisciplinary potential. CSIC manages to undertake challenges that are not available to other institutions, both for its size (more than 11,000 people) and for its distribution (it is present in almost all the Spanish Autonomous Communities)

Institutes, Centres, Units

Institutes, Centres & Units

CSIC performs its scientific and technical research activity mainly through its research centers which are organized by departments in which the research groups are integrated

Research Groups

Research Groups

Research groups are a specific fundamental unit with contributes to achieving the scientific objectives of the institution



Serving CSIC Scientific staff

Proyectos de Investigación

Research Projects

CSIC scientific and technician staff obtain funds for research projects through competitive public calls from different national and international funding agencies and private entities

Interdisciplinary Thematic Platforms

Alliances in scientific collaboration for a social mission and solutions for tomorrow

CSIC-Hubs and White Books Challenges 2030

Scientific-Technical Collaboration Networks for the establishment of stable connections between researchers from different disciplines on frontier topics

Women and Science

The preamble to the Organic Law 3/2007, 22 March 2007, on the Effective equality of women and men, mentions Article 14 of the Spanish Constitution, which proclaims the right to equality and non-discrimination on the grounds of sex

Associated RDI Units

Among the collaboration possibilities between CSIC and other R&D&I agents, associated units should be mentioned as the formula which makes possible temporary and flexible scientific cooperation between the CSIC research staff and the staff from external institutions included in such units

Research Support Infraestructures

Research support infraestructures

Besides the research developed in its Institutes and Centres, the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) provides services to the whole scientific community – national and international – through the management of Research Infrastructures

Catalogue of scientific-technical services 

The CSIC, over the lifetime, has provided different scientific and technical services, which has turned some of its centers into referents. In addition to this, its Statute as a State Agency mandates, as one of its main duties the offering of scientific-technical services to the General State Administration as well as to other Public and private Administrations and Institutions

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Exposición 14-09-2022 to 28-09-2022

La muestra ‘Vidrio: presente y futuro circular’ abre sus puertas en el Planetario de Pamplona

C/ Sancho Ramírez, s/n Sala de Exposiciones del Planetario de Pamplona

Exposición 25-07-2022 to 28-07-2022

Curso de verano de la UIMP: 'De la academia a la sociedad: la divulgación del conocimiento, teoría y práctica'

Avda. de los Castros, 42 Campus de Las Llamas, UIMP

Exposición 22-07-2022 to 23-07-2022

‘El buen patrón’, introducida por Remedios Zafra y Marta Sanz, broche final del cine de verano CSIC de Cine

Serrano, 123 Campus central del CSIC
Cinefórum presencial con retransmisión en directo

Exposición 15-07-2022

Sesión familiar en CSIC de Cine: 'Atrapa la bandera', introducida por Daniel Guirado

Serrano, 123 Campus central del CSIC
Cinefórum presencial con retransmisión en directo