RDI Unit associated to CSIC

Within the possibilities of collaboration of the CSIC with other RDI agents, the figure of the RDI Unit associated to CSIC is a formula that allows the articulation, in a temporary and flexible way, scientific collaborations between research staff from CSIC and that of external entities integrated in those units.


“Associated RDI Units” can be recognized between one or more CSIC institutes and departments, laboratories, research groups or other R&D structures belonging to universities, research organizations, technological centers or any other non-profit public or private entity as long as they develop scientific or technological activities in common areas, similar or complementary to those of CSIC, and maintain a stable scientific cooperation. The institute or institutes of the CSIC collaborate with the unit, but are not part of it.

CSIC Presidency is the competent authority to attribute the status of “Associate RDI Unit”. The Vice-President for organization and institutional relations (VORI) is the governing body responsible for its management.

Unidades asociadas

CSIC has recognized about 100 Associated RDI Units with its research institutes, with universities being the entities that mostly maintain this kind of association to CSIC. Some of these units have been the seed for the creation of joint research institutes.

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