Why joining CSIC?

CSIC is a unique research institution in Spain, which society recognizes and values. In addition to its thematic diversity in the research activity and its large human capital, its geographical presence throughout the Spanish territory as well as its singular infrastructures should be highlighted. 


As a result, CSIC can address the societal challenges from a multidisciplinary point of view and in open collaboration with the academic environment through its more than 50 joint centres with university and other institutions.

CSIC researchers sustain the international profile of the institution, making it attractive for the professional career of young students, doctorates and postdoctoral or senior students, technicians and managers.

CSIC is a favourable environment to the young researchers' scientific and professional career development , paying special attention to gender issues, because we are particularle sensitive to equality. The application of active policies in the field has allowed it to position CSIC among the leading European scientific organization in terms of the participation of women in all stages of the scientific career.

CSIC Statute allows the participation in a wide range of public and private competitive funding of those interested in being part of the CSIC research groups or, if thet have the appropriate funding, in developing their own research lines.