CSIC in Europe

CSIC in Europe

Brussels Delegation

The CSIC Delegation in Brussels holds the institutional representation of the CSIC before the EU institutions and other relevant organizations and forums, contributes to the formulation and execution of the CSIC's European strategy and assists its management in relation to their participation in the CSIC the EU's R & I activities.

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Science Europe


Science Europe (SE) is a non-profit association based in Brussels (Belgium) that brings together the most important European funding agencies for research and innovation, as well as the most important European research centers. The CSIC is part of SE since its foundation in 2011 and has held one of the two Vice Presidencies during the last four years.

SE is fully funded by the member organizations that make it up and includes 44 European entities from 27 countries. All of these entities have a substantial impact on their national research system, are financed with public funds and have capacity and operational independence.

SE´s mission focuses on promoting the collective interests of its member organizations, which it supports in its efforts to strengthen European research and the culmination of the European Research Area (ERA). To do this, it collaborates with other European entities, universities, academies, intergovernmental scientific organizations and European Union institutions.

Its specific objectives include supporting cooperation among SE member organizations to ensure that the scientific community becomes, together with national governments and the European Commission, the third voice of the ERA; to do so, it is a platform for dialogue with national representatives in the field of research so that publicly funded research and innovation in Europe has the maximum impact, thus contributing to the development of the economy and facilitating solutions that benefit the society.

The governing bodies of SE are the General Assembly, the highest decision-making body, and the Board of Directors, elected by the General Assembly for a period of two years renewable and composed of the presidency, two vice-presidencies (representing respectively the members of SE who fund research in their respective countries and to the research centers that run it) and a number of representatives of the member organizations. Together, they carry out the guidelines adopted by the General Assembly and monitor SE's actions. Finally, the management of the SE Office in Brussels becomes the Secretariat of the Board of Directors and the General Assembly. Identify and facilitate activities that increase the collective influence and visibility of SE and coordinate the execution of SE policy and strategy.


Likewise, SE has set up a series of Working Groups of which highly qualified experts of the member organizations are part. At present, these groups, in all of which scientific and technical personnel of the CSIC participate, work on topics such as Open Access to Scientific Publications, Data Research Management or H2020 and FP9.

Finally, there is a Scientific Advisory Committee composed of 30 senior scientists from the member organizations whose main mission is to provide independent scientific advice to the Board of Directors and the General Assembly on the consequences that European science may have on the legislation of the EU or on those issues requested by the governing bodies of SE.

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