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Certamen De 19-10-2023 al 15-12-2023

II Premios CSIC de Divulgación Científica y Ciencia Ciudadana

Participación online

Certamen De 24-11-2023 al 18-12-2023

Ya está aquí el I Concurso de Villancicos Científicos del ISQCH

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Institutional Agenda

Acto Institucional De 04-12-2023

Meeting with the Governing Board


Teatro y espectáculos De 03-12-2023 al 03-12-2023

CSIC X+ Concerts


Congreso De 01-12-2023 al 01-12-2023

2nd Congress of the Spanish Section on International Society of Public Law

Pozuelo de Alarcón


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Santiago Ramón y Cajal

Corporate Information

The Cajal Legacy

The Cajal Legacy is comprised of belongings of Santiago Ramón y Cajal, most of them scientific, that were transferred to the Institute after his death in accordance with his will.

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¿Qué sabemos de...?

This collection aims to bring to a wide audience the state of the art of key topics of scientific research through short and affordable texts prepared by CSIC scientist.

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Residencia investigadores


CSIC Researchers Residences

The CSIC has a series of residences (or is part of the entities that manage them) that support the scientific community during their stays in cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Seville and Rome.

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Museo y espacio

Science and Society

Museums and Scientific Outreach Venues

The CSIC has various centres of reference for science outreach located in the main Spanish cities. Exhibitions, workshops, conferences and other activities aimed at all publics are part of the regular programming in these places.

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