Scientific-Technical Collaboration Networks for the establishment of stable connections between researchers from different disciplines on frontier topics.

CSIC-HUBs (Conexiones-CSIC) are scientific-technical collaboration networks that seek to establish a link —sustainable in the medium and long term— between research personnel from different centers on priority topics, so they can share information and knowledge, as well as carry out joint activities that include the exchange of research personnel.

  • Archaeology Hub
    How knowledge of the past helps us improve our present?

  • Cancer Hub
    How to foster synergistic interactions of cancer researchers?

  • Artificial Intelligence Hub
    How to live a life mediated by intelligent technologies in an ethical way?

  • Life Hub
    What are the principles that characterize life and how they should be used?

  • Nanomedicine Hub
    How to address problems involving chemists, physicists, biologists and doctors?



Prepare new joint projects.

Position connections nationally and internationally as a reference point.

Establish new collaborations with other institutions as well as with the administration and the private sector.

Communicate and disseminate the activities of the connections, transmitting the advances in the subject and issues of social impact to society.

Encourage the attraction and promotion of talent, especially among young people, promoting new vocations.

This pilot initiative leverages key recommendations to establish stable collaborations:

•    Code of Good Scientific Practice (pdf 736K)
•    Open Science

CSIC-Hubs Flyer

Flyer (pdf 2,2M)

The seed: White Books CSIC Scientific Challenges 2030


CSIC Centers

External collaborations

CSIC has prepared a joint strategy that defines its research priorities and needs for the next decades within the 14 challenges contemplated in the White Papers. This recently published strategy aims to provide the CSIC with the tools and resources to analyze the issues at the frontier of knowledge on the interrelationships between the current global warming, biodiversity, health, social, and economic crises that will improve the sustainability of our planet in the coming decades.

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