Scientific Outreach Projects

The CSIC brings science closer to society through multiple projects, events and outreach activities. Here you will find a few of our initiatives.

Científicas y cambio global
Científicas y cambio global

Entrevistas a investigadoras del CSIC que, desde distintas disciplinas, abordan los retos asociados al cambio global, entendido como el conjunto de impactos medioambientales provocados por la actividad humana.

Ciencia en el barrio
Ciencia en el Barrio.

CSIC brings science closer to neighbourhoods with relatively few initiatives of this kind through their secondary schools.

Ciencia para llevar
Ciencia para llevar

CSIC’s blog in

Ciclo de conferencias ¿Qué sabemos de...?
Conferences ¿Qué sabemos de...?

Each year, CSIC organises talks conducted by its researchers in different localities.

Conferencias Cervantes
Conferences CSIC-Instituto Cervantes

Talks by CSIC researchers at Instituto Cervantes all over the world

Arbolapp y Arbolapp Canarias

Two mobile and web guides for identifying trees from the Iberian Peninsula and the Canary Islands.

Semana de la ciencia
Semana de la ciencia

The CSIC is actively involved in Science Week, an annual landmark celebrated throughout Spain in November to which new CSIC centres and researchers are added each year.

Ciencia en Navidad
Ciencia en Navidad

Why not include a talk on scientific dissemination in the traditions associated with Christmas?

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