Training of research personnel

The Department for Postgraduate and Specialisa¬tion (DPE) contributes to define and implement the agency's policy regarding the training of research personnel.

Each year, more than 1.300 young students begin their research career in the CSIC research groups.  Our institutes, centers and units offer a complete training programme to achieve a competitive curriculum that will help them in their professional future in or out the academia. 

In addition, our research staff teaches in master's degrees in collaboration with numerous universities as well as in specialisation courses aimed at students, professionals and non-specialized public.

The Postgaduate and specialization department of CSIC (DPE) is the unit in charge of both the management of this stage of the proffesional career and the postgraduate and doctoral courses.

The main tasks of DPE are:

  • Organize, coordinate, analyze, define, update and establish foresight in the training and teaching activities of the CSIC research staff.
  • Attract the best students to start and develop their research career at CSIC.
  • Promote the development of a complete postgraduate teaching offer, based on the multidisciplinary research skills of CSIC, by means of the scheduling transversal training courses or promoting training stays in foreign centers.
  • Encourage the participation of  CSIC in the European Higher Education Area, as an integral part of the research career.

Department for Postgraduate and Specialisation (DPE)



The training of new generations of researchers and the acquisition of scientific-technical skills in academic and business environments not only contributes to the country's international leadership, but also constitutes one of the pillars of future social and economic progress and well-being.

The CSIC plays a key role in the training activities and the improvement of researchers.

One of the main functions of the CSIC is the training of researchers. To carry out this function, the CSIC offers a variety of training and specialisation programmes are accessible depending on the academic level.

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