Editorial CSIC

Editorial CSIC has an extensive catalogue of prestigious academic publications, including more than 2,500 titles of monographs organised in 75 collections, and 37 scientific journals.

Editorial CSIC has in this catalogue a careful selection of works not included in these collections.

Editorial CSIC is the publishing house of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). Its mission and aims are the edition, production, distribution and sale of publications with a scientific or informative character. These works are integrated within the annual CSIC’s Editorial Programme and the General State Administration’s one. Created in 1940 as Oficina de Publicaciones, it keeps its long trajectory promoting and disseminating Science both for the scientific community and the general public.

Currently, Editorial CSIC has about 12.000 publications, including 37 scientific journals, 75 collections of monographs, special works – anniversaries, relevant works –, and works for a general audience developed by highly qualified experts in the field.

Editorial CSIC

Editorial CSIC also stands out for its active co-edition with other academic publishing houses, both public or private.

CSIC’s journals and monographs are regulated by a Regulatory Norm. All academic and scientific contents published by Editorial CSIC are selected through a peer-review process, according to the most rigorous procedures, as usual in academic publications. The whole process is bound to a Guide of Good Practises, that affects editorial teams, authors and external reviews with the aim of ensuring the scientific quality of the contents and its originality, in accordance with the highest international standards.

Editorial CSIC uses appropriate technological aids to prevent inappropriate editorial practises, specially to detect plagiarism and self-plagiarism.

Our objective is to validate the scientific quality of our publications, also endorsed by their presence in the indexes of the main international databases of reference for assessing the research impact of a scientific publication (Web of Science, Book Citation Index or Scopus, as well as other more specialised depending on the different disciplines).

In the pursuit of our mission of promoting and disseminating Science, the Editorial CSIC maintains an active presence in social networks.


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CSIC Editorial is located in Calle Vitruvio 8, on the CSIC campus. The services include customer service and direct sales to the public.



Since 2008, Editorial CSIC adopts a new juridical structure influenced by the Spanish National Research Council being a State Agency whose statute was published in the Boletín Oficial del Estado (BOE) on 14th January that year. The internal organisation has Direction, Management, Scientific Library, services for Editorial Production, Electronic Edition, Distribution, Sales and Warehouse.

CSIC Editorial is accredited by AENOR, ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems.

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