Scientific Dissemination Apps

Identify trees, test your scientific knowledge or become a pollinating insect. CSIC’s apps are available for mobile phones with different proposals.



  • Arbolapp - Identification guide for wild trees of the Iberian Peninsula and the Balearic Islands.  Web | Play Store | App Store
  • Arbolapp Canarias - Identification guide for wild trees of the Canarian archipelago. Web | Play Store | App Store
  • Construye2020 - Best practices for realising energy rehabilitation activities in houses. Play Store
  • Geo ODK Collect - Participate in the study of the impact of climate change on Mediterranean holm oaks. Web | Play Store
  • Hi Score Science - Answers and questions on science. Free game. WebPlay Store | App Store
  • IFTevents - Events and activitites organiseb by the Instituto de Física Teórica (CSIC-UAM). Permits adding events and notificatinos to your calendar. Web | Play Store
  • Mosquito Alert - Participate in the study and monitoring of the tiger mosquito with this citizen science app. Web | Play Store | App Store
  • Museo Ciencias Naturales CSIC - Interactive guided tour of the permanent exhibitions of the CSIC’s Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales. Web | Play Store | App Store (Spanish only)
  • Natusfera - Free app. Citizen science created to record, organise and share observations of nature. Web | Play Store | App Store
  • PolinizAPP - A free play-simulation to know the process of pollination. Web | Play Store | App Store
  • Plant Recognition - Automatic recognition of plants through photographs. Web | Play Store | App Store
  • RJB Museo vivo - Official app of the CSIC’s Real Jardín Botánico that will allow you to know and tour this living museum. Web | Play Store | App Store
  • SafeFrying - Decide using a photograph if your fried potatoes have achieved the desirable golden colour maintaining the best attributes of quality and safety associated with your favourite chips. Play Store | App Store (Spanish only)

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