Citizen Science

Science does not need to be done only by professionals. Participate in scientific research through the collection and analysis of data and sharing resources.

Adopta una planta

Anyone can collaborate in the monitoring of species and habitats of interest to the European Union located in Aragón.


CSIC participates in Ibercivis, a non-profit private foundation that promotes citizen science, voluntary computing and collective intelligence through multiple initiatives.

Melanogaster. Catch de fly

Students and secondary school teachers collect and classify specimens of the fly Drosophila melanogaster as part of a project aimed at understanding how organisms adapt to the environment.

Mosquito Alert

Citizenship, research personnel and managers of public health and the environment come together to fight against the tiger mosquito and the yellow fever mosquito, vectors of Zika, Dengue and Chikungunya.


Photograph the nature that surrounds you and share your observations through this platform. You will increase your knowledge about biodiversity and help the scientific community obtain data on the distribution of species.

Observadores del mar

If you like the sea, diving, sailing, fishing, water sports or going to the beach, you can get involved in marine research by sharing your observations and experiences through this platform.

Social Media