Theory of quantum materials and solid state quantum technologies

The members of our team are experts in various subfields of condensed matter physics including magnetism, superconductivity, strongly correlated electrons, mesoscopics and nanostructures. We describe materials and processes using model Hamiltonians, effective models, and ab-initio techniques. Both numerical and analytical approaches are used. Therefore, our team is fully equipped to tackle novel problems in a timely and efficient way.

While our approach is theoretical, we aim at understanding current experimental developments and making experimental predictions, many times in close collaboration with top level experimentalists.

Not only we succeed in performing high impact research but we also take scientific outreach very seriously at many levels: from organising and participating in workshops and talks for children and teenagers to writing about our field of research in a language appropriate to the general public.

Our team is well balanced in terms of gender and age.

Especialización principal

Disciplina ERC:
  • PE3 Condensed Matter Physics
Industrial Leadership:
  • 2. Nanotechnologies
  • 2.1. Developing next generation nanomaterials, nanodevices and nanosystems
Societal Challenges:
  • 7. Other
  • 7.1. Other