Emilio Muñoz Ruiz

Fotografía de Emilio Muñoz Ruiz

During the 80's he held the top positions of responsibility in Spanish science policy: He was Vice President of the CSIC (1980-1982), Director General for Science Policy (1982-1986), Director General for Technical and Scientific Research (1986-1987), Secretary General of the National Plan for Scientific Research and Technological Development (1987-1988) and President of the CSIC (1988-1991). He was also a member of the Scientific and Technical Research Committee (Comité de Recherche Scientifique et Technique, CREST) of the EEC (1985-1988).

His area of expertise was initially Biochemistry and Molecular and Cellular Biology, and after his period of management responsibilities, he focused his activities in the field of science studies, technology and society. He is the author of numerous publications in both lines of research.

He belongs to several national and international scientific societies: EMBO (1981), Academia Scientiarum et Artium Europaea (1994), the Royal Academy of Pharmacy (1984), the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (1989), etc., in which he has held several positions of responsibility. He is a Member of the Scientific Council of the UNESCO Regional Office for Europe (1989) and of the Spanish Chapter of the Club of Rome (1989).

He holds the degree of "Commendatore” award of the Order of the Italian Republic (1986) and is a "Chevalier" of the French Legion of Honour (1994). He was awarded an honorary doctorate by the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1990).