CThe CSIC is an institution included within the subjective scope of application of the Act 19/2013 of transparency, access to public information and good governance.


As expressed in the explanatory statement, one objective of the Act is to increase and reinforce transparency of public activity, which is articulated through the obligations of active advertising. Fulfilment of the principle of active advertising contributes to achieving two other objectives, i.e., the guarantee of access and the obligations of good governance, which must be observed by public authorities.

According to the present information, the CSIC complies with the obligations of active advertising derived from the LTAIPBG.

This information is available by linking to the data on active advertising in the Transparency Portal of the General State Administration, including the results of searches that contain the words “Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas”.



Responses to the requests for public information resolved by the CSIC after citizens’ application for access on the basis of Article 12 LTAIPBG .

  • DOÑANA, research projects and researcher funding (pdf 445k) [Download]
  • Location of external companies in CSIC facilities and justification (pdf 428k) [Download]
  • List of CSIC job positions and budgetary data of centres (pdf 1,7M) [Download]
  • List of CSIC official positions (pdf 209k) [Download]
  • Information on Doñana contracts (pdf 157k) [Download]
  • Merit scores (pdf 240k) [Download]
  • Annual lease costs (pdf 188k) [Download]
  • State attorney ruling (pdf 1,2M) [Download]
  • Productivity resolution (pdf 1,3M) [Download]
  • Vending contract information (pdf 198k) [Download]
  • Foundation CSIC Associate Member Status (pdf 223k) [Download]
  • Information on five contracts awarded by the CSIC (pdf 192k) [Download]
  • CSIC employee trends since 2008 with category specification (pdf 273k) [Download]
  • Companies and percentage of temporary joint ventures (pdf 164k) [Download]
  • Transparency Council Claim for access to tender documentation (pdf 1,3M) [Download]
  • Provision of job position in Rome (pdf 1006k) [Download]
  • Job position list museum of natural sciences (pdf 910k) [Donwload]
  • AJUR 3819/01/19: Information related to the exams for the CSIC selection tests for access to Tenured Scientists of Public Research Organisms, called by Resolution of October 25, 2016 (BOE nº 260, 27 October) in Atmospheric Sciences (pdf 579k) [Download]
  • AJUR 3518/02/19: Agreements, contract or contracts signed by the CSIC for filming localization of two seasons of the series La Casa De Papel at its headquarters, who paid the CSIC, and how much, to record this series at its headquarters, on which dates it was filmed and damages or expenses incurred by the CSIC - La Casa de Papel (pdf 282k) [Download]
  • AJUR 3787/01/19: Gross annual salary corresponding to the position of civil servant as specialized Technician of Public Investigation Organisms (pdf 975k) [Donwload]
  • AJUR 3809/01/19: Number of Principal Investigators (group leaders), indicating the proportion of men and women, in each of the research centres (own and joint) that are part of the CSIC. Professional category in relation to the proportion of men and women who work as Principal Investigators in each of the centres (pdf 276k) [Download]
  • AJUR 3832/01/19: Information on the CSIC State Agency related to the San Finx tin and tungsten mine in Lousame (pdf  517k) [Download]
  • AJUR 3835/01/19: CSIC expert report on the Valle de los Caídos (pdf 217k) [Download]
  • AJUR 3852/01/19: information on names and affiliations, economic remuneration and legal basis of justification and exact powers of the Executive Committee of the Hispano-German Astronomical Centre (CAHA-A.I.E.) in which the CSIC participates  (pdf 268k) [Download]
  • AJUR 3853/01/19: Information on undersea mining projects (pdf 520k) [Download]
  • AJUR 3895/01/19: CSIC Report on Valdecañas (pdf 299k) [Donwload]
  • AJUR 3900/01/19: Information on a CENIM-CSIC job offer corresponding to SOLAUT 00031694 (pdf 276k) [Download]
  • AJUR 3904/01/19: Information on the remuneration paid for productivity and bonuses for extraordinary services, disaggregated for temporary advisory and special trust personnel, managerial staff, freely appointed non-managerial staff and freely appointed civil servants (pdf 907k) [Download]
  • AJUR 3919/01/20: Information on the quantity and models of RPAS-drones acquired by the Government of Spain (pdf 179k) [Download]
  • AJUR 3949/01/20: Information on productivity and rewards (pdf 157k) [Download]
    • Bonuses 2019 [Download]
    • Total amount of productivity and distribution according to different components listing what is authorized and paid [Download]
    • Aggregated information on productivity amounts [Download]
    • General Directorate resolutions for the authorization of productivity 2019 [Download]
    • Resolutions of the Presidency of the CSIC by which criteria are established and instructions are established for assigning different components of productivity [Download]​​​​​​​




List of employee positions: