Interdisciplinary Thematic Platforms (PTIs)

Partnerships in scientific collaboration for a social mission and tomorrow's solutions


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The PTIs are a finalist instrument of research and innovation, created to address multidisciplinary challenges of great scientific, economic, and social impact.

They comprise research groups from different CSIC centers and are open to the participation of companies, government, other institutions, and social agents.

Since its creation in 2018, this interdisciplinary collaboration initiative has been consolidated into several platforms and an extension has been defined in a new structure, the extended thematic interdisciplinary platforms (PTIs+), fostering a participatory process in pursuing missions that seek to reach companies and have commercialization prospects.

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Objectives beyond project proposals

Solve and test high-impact global challenges with innovative developments related to business and other social agents.

Promote large frontier and interdisciplinary projects in line with international initiatives (Agenda 2030, Horizon Europe, SDGs, Green Pact, etc.).

Take science from the laboratory to society, actively involving citizens (Citizen Science).

Establish flexible frameworks that promote Open and Collaborative Science (Team Science) and Good Scientific Practices.

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