JAE Chairs

Cátedras científicas en el CSIC

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The JAE Chairs program aims to stimulate collaboration and identification of emerging, disruptive and promising lines of research that can add value to the CSIC.

The JAE Chairs program, managed and funded by the FGCSIC, is aimed at awarding a JAE Chair that promotes the close collaboration of a researcher of recognized international prestige (Chairholder) with one of the national research institutes or centers of CSIC (CSIC receiving Institute).

The Chairholder will spend at least two months per year at the receiving CSIC Institute and, together with a CSIC researcher from that Institute (the Coordinator), will co-lead the JAE Chair project.



Increasing the excellence and research quality of the receiving institute and CSIC

Scientific and technical impact on the Spanish public science, technology and innovation system

Identification and strengthening of emerging, disruptive and promising lines of research with added value for CSIC

Scientific training of doctoral and postdoctoral students

Collaboration, visibility and international Prestige

Attraction of top-level scientific talent and promotion of excellence