Research Groups

CSIC scientific staff is organized into more than 1,500 groups that are integrated into the three Global Areas, Society, Life and Materia.

Grupos de investigación

The groups compete for national and international funds, obtaining more than € 250M annual funding, publish more than 10,000 articles in high-impact journals, and direct about 800 PhD thesis a year. Contracts and exploitation of patents sum to more than € 30M per year, and more than 400 CSIC scientists participate as experts at national or international level in different areas of competence. The increase in investment in R&D in H2020, and the prospects for Horizon Europe, open the possibilities of developing ambitious projects of excellence (ERC), flagships, research infrastructures or societal challenges. The CSIC, on the basis of the excellence of its research groups and interdisciplinary possibilities, is very well positioned in order to participate in those initiatives.

The CSIC, as a leader of Science in Spain, must continue its rigorous and independent advice mission, on questions that are increasingly complicated to respond and that reflect citizen concerns. To reinforce this role, CSIC wants better known research groups strengthening their interdisciplinary nature through a new tool: Interdisciplinary Thematic Platforms (PTIs). This tool will reinforce the CSIC participation in the European Framework Programs as well as in knowledge production and transfer initiatives.

This process culminated in mid-2018 and provides qualitative and quantitative information of the research groups’ track-record during the period 2012-2016.


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