ULAB, Ultrasound for Liquid Analysis and Bioengineering

The group has a long experience on issues such as:      * Development of ultrasonic systems (transducers, electronics and programming).      * Propagation of elastic waves in solids and liquids, homogeneous and heterogeneous media.      * Interaction of mechanical waves with microbiological and biochemical processes and systems.      * Calibration of ultrasound medical equipment. These topics find their application in various fields such as biotechnology, biomedicine, food industry, aeronautics, material characterization and non-destructive evaluation. Research lines: Instrumentation for measuring mechanical parameters in liquids, solutions and materials in general. Tracking and identification of chemical and biological processes by means of ultrasound biomedical Instrumentation Piezoelectric transduction: materials and transducers Metrology of ultrasonic medical equipment

Main specialization

Área de investigación:
Disciplina ERC:
  • PE8 Products and Processes Engineering
Industrial Leadership:
  • 5. Advanced Manufacturing and Processing
  • 5.1. Technologies for Factories of the Future
Societal Challenges:
  • 1. Health, demographic change and wellbeing
  • 1.06. Improving diagnosis