Marine Geology Resources and Extreme Environments

The Marine Geology Resources and Extreme Environments Research Group at IGME has a broad experience in the field of the marine geology (tectonic, sedimentary and mineralization processes in continental margins and oceanic basins) and in the natural resources, especially in marine mineral deposits and mining wastes. The group has also a proved experience backed up by the planning and development of numerous national scientific projects of the Plan Nacional I+D+I (TASYO, GADES, ERGAP, CONTOURIBER, SUBVENT, EXPLOSEA), CONSOLIDER INGENIO projects (TOPO-IBERIA), H2020 European projects of GeoERA (MINDeSEA, FRAME), EUROCORE-EUROMARGINS program (MOUNDFORCE, MVSEIS), COST Actions (PERGAMON), EMODnet-Geology, scientific projects in collaboration with the Foreign Office and seafloor cartographic projects of IGME. The scientific group has organized and done numerous oceanographic cruises in Antarctica, Canary Island, Gulf of Cádiz, Galician, Bay of Biscay, and Mediterranean Sea onboard RVs.

Main specialization

Área de investigación:
Disciplina ERC:
  • PE10 Earth System Science
Industrial Leadership:
  • 7. Other
  • 7.1. Other
Societal Challenges:
  • 5. Climate action, resource efficiency and raw materials
  • 5.3. Ensuring the sustainable supply of non-energy and non-agricultural raw materials