CSIC Researchers Residences

The CSIC has a series of residences (or is part of the entities that manage them) that support the scientific community during their stays in cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Seville and Rome.


The existence of this kind of infrastructures has a double objective: on the one hand offering accommodation for temporal stays to the scientific community developing their research activity and on the other hand serving as a place for organising scientific and cultural activities to promote and foster the dissemination of scientific culture.

Residencia de Estudiantes de Madrid

The Residencia de Estudiantes was founded in Madrid in 1910 by the Junta para Ampliación de Estudios. It became the first cultural centre of Spain and until 1936 the Residencia remained a vibrant, fruitful hub for scientific and artistic work and exchange in Europe. At present, the Residencia de Estudiantes is a Foundation of the public sector created by the CSIC.

Residencia Madrid

Its objectives are the recovery and dissemination of the records of the Edad de Plata (1868-1936) as well as the latest trends in different areas of knowledge and specially in science. Each year the Residencia hosts more than 3,000 researchers and professionals of different disciplines coming from across the world. Its documentation centre keeps and makes available to the public a unique collection of documents. It develops diverse research projects and has its own publishing company, which publishes several volumes each year and organises numerous public events and exhibitions, accessible to everyone.

Located at Pinar street, it has a privileged situation at the centre of the capital, within the campus of the CSIC Central Organisation and very close to some of the research institutes of that area. In addition, special accommodation conditions are provided to the CSIC staff as long as they stay for their research work.

For more information: http://www.residencia.csic.es/

Information concerning accommodation: http://www.residencia.csic.es/hot/servicio.htm


Barcelona Researchers Residence

The Generalitat de Catalunya-CSIC Researcher Residence is a public consortium created in 1993 between the two entities and inaugurated in 1998 in the district Ciutat Vella de Barcelona. It has the double objective of hosting teachers and researchers during their stays in Barcelona as well as organising cultural and scientific activities to promote reflection and dialogue.

Residencia Barcelona

Since its creation, 8.385 speakers have presented their work and knowledge in the Residence, events which have been attended by about 105.000 people, and in whose facilities close to 328.000 people have been hosted.

The CSIC staff is provided with special accommodation conditions at the Residence as well as other favourable possibilities as long as they stay for their research work.

For more information: http://www.residencia-investigadors.es/es/


Researchers Residence and Library in Seville

The Researchers Residence and Library in Seville (REBIS) is a CSIC unit reliant on the Institutional Delegation of Andalucía that comprises a residence and one of the best Americanist libraries at global level. It is located in the centre of the city, in a building also shared with the headquarters of the Escuela de Estudios Hispano-Americanos (EEHA), an institute focused on scientific research, training and disseminating the History of America.

Residencia Sevilla

The Residence enables the scientific and cultural exchange between research staff, particularly significant in the case of the specialists in Hispano-America. In addition, the Residence is also available for university lecturers and researchers of all branches of knowledge as long as the stay is aimed at developing their research and professional work. Preference is always given to all the CSIC staff.

For more information: http://www.rebis.csic.es/


Residence of the Escuela Española de Historia y Arqueología in Rome:

Since its creation in 1910 in Rome, the Escuela española de Historia y Arqueología in Rome (EEHAR-CSIC) has been a campus of international reference in the area of Humanities. It focuses on training young specialists in History and Archaeology and on the study of the relations between Spain and Italy. Thus, the Residence serves as a logistical support service for the scientific activity of the institution and for the organisation of seminars, conferences and encounters; for welcoming researchers from different centres from Spain and abroad; and for promoting in this respect the establishment of institutional ties with their centres and countries of origin. Likewise, the Residence supports brief stays in Rome for invited professors and for professional reasons, as well as for trainees and young scholars that require initial help before finding a more permanent residence in the city.

Residencia de Roma