Training Doctoral Researchers

The CSIC's Postgraduate and Specialization Department (DPE) contributes to defining and putting into practice the CSIC's policy on the training of researchers and the development of their professional and research careers.

Activities and Training

The Higher Council for Scientific Research develops a training program that goes beyond scientific-technical capacities so that doctoral students can achieve a complete professional preparation to face the labour market of the 21st century. If you want to know more about these activities write us via


The Department of Postgraduate and Specialization celebrated the II CSIC PhD Day for predoctoral researchers in the second semester of 2020.

In this second edition, new aspects of the training and professional development of predoctoral researchers were discussed and it has promoted the participation of predoctoral researchers in the development of the conference.



PhD Day (Youtube)

I Contest  "Yo Investigo. Yo Soy CSIC"

In the last semester of 2019, the first edition of the "Yo Investigo. Yo Soy CSIC" contest was held. The aim of the competition was for predoctoral researchers in training at the CSIC to show their research and present their work within the institution on their PhD theses to a non-specialized audience.

In this edition, 3-minute videos was sent by up to 100 participants.





On June 21, 2019, the CSIC Postgraduate and Specialization Department organized the First CSIC PhD Day for predoctoral researchers. The objective of this day was to provide CSIC predoctoral researchers with transversal and complementary training, as well as guide them in their career professional, making known the wide range of professional perspectives that the doctorate opens in all areas.



Initiation to professional careers for researchers beyond the academic world.

On November 14, 2018, the CSIC Postgraduate and Specialization Department organized the information day of professional careers for researchers beyond the academic world.

The objective of this conference was to make CSIC predoctoral researchers aware of the opportunities to develop a professional career beyond the academic world and how the doctoral training they are developing could help them.


Courses and workshops of the CSIC's institutes

In order to train their young researchers, the CSIC institutes organize, regularly and periodically, courses and workshops on different subjects. These courses are accessible to all young researchers at the CSIC.

The Postgraduate and Specialization Department coordinates the dissemination of these courses and workshops, as well as the enrollment in order to improve accessibility for predoctoral researchers from institutes other than the organizer.