Gender Equality in Science

The CSIC is a public research organisation which safeguards the rights to equality and non-discrimination on the grounds of sex, while promoting the conditions for the real and effective equality of individuals.

The CSIC has traditionally maintained an overt commitment to policies for equal opportunities for men and women in their working conditions, complying with equality legislation, integrating the spirit of such legislation in its operational culture and aligning its actions with the objectives of the European Research Area (ERA), thus guaranteeing the effective promotion of gender equality and the integration of the gender perspective in its research and innovation focus.

Within the Spanish General State Administration (AGE), the CSIC was ground-breaking in the development of equality policies and the foundation of the Women and Science Committee in 2002. The Committee’s primary mission is to advise CSIC Presidency on gender considerations, to conduct studies and to monitor actions to optimise women’s scientific career in the Agency.

Thereafter, in 2011, the CSIC Executive Committee on Equality was launched, on the occasion of the First Plan for Equality between Women and Men in the AGE and its public bodies. This Committee is responsible for the effective implementation of actions leading to the effective equality of CSIC employees.

In 2018, the CSIC Presidency instituted the "Gender Equality Accreditation Seal" with the objective of recognising the CSIC centres or institutes that promote both the gender perspective as a transversal category in all aspects of its day-to-day running, and the adoption of measures to remove the hurdles women face while exercising their profession. It is also worth highlighting the outreach campaign "Women are CSIC" and the commemorative events that are regularly held to mark the International Day of Women and Girls in Science (11 February) and International Women's Day (8 March).