Equality at the CSIC

The CSIC Delegate Commission for Equality was launched as a result of implementing the Plan for Equality between Women and Men at the AGE (General State Administration) and its public institutions. This Commission includes representatives of the Trade Unions and the Administration and its activity entails the diagnosis and proposal of actions regarding gender equality affecting CSIC employees.

With respect to its actions, the Plan for Equality between Women and Men at the CSIC was approved in December 2013 as a result of a process of reflection on the existing needs to guarantee effective equality.

Although important objectives were achieved by this first plan, the pre-existing gender equality gap called for the promotion of various actions, which led to the approval of the second Plan for Equality between Women and Men working in the General State Administration, and its public institutions, in November 2015. In order to continue identifying and removing the glass ceilings hindering employee opportunities, the CSIC took part in this action and approved its second Plan for Equality between Women and Men in December 2015.  

The Plan for Equality is evaluated annually in order to assess its success and, if needs be, reformulate its objectives, indicators and measures implemented.

Actions undertaken by the CSIC Delegate Commission for Equality include the launching of the "Gender Equality Accreditation Seal" in 2018, in close collaboration with the Women and Science Committee. This initiative gives special recognition to the CSIC units, centres or institutes that promote the gender perspective as a transversal category in all aspects of its day-to-day running as well as adopting measures to remove the hurdles faced by women in the course of their profession.

Equality Plan (Spanish only):

The second Plan for Equality between Women and Men at the AGE and its public institutions 
Implementation of the Equality Plan between women and men at the CSIC State Agency

Prevention and intervention protocol against sexual harassment and harassment on the grounds of sex at the CSIC
Guide to reconciliation of personal, family and work life in the General State Administration

Use of gender-neutral language

Guidelines for non-sexist language usage of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, followed by the CSIC