Grupo investigación de genómica comparada y metagenómica

The Comparative Genomics and Metagenomics Lab at CBGP (Madrid, Spain) develops bioinformatic methods to decipher what makes each organism and microbial ecosystem unique. In particular, we use phylogenomic techniques to study processes such as gene sub/neo-functionalization, duplication, horizontal transfer, domain conservation and orthology detection. At the metagenomic scale, we are interested in the functional characterization of microbial communities as a whole, aiming at the identification of functional modules associated with environmental or host conditions. For this, we combine theoretical knowledge in evolutionary biology, sequencing data, and high performance computational resources. Our current research lines are:

Comparative metagenomics

We analyze shotgun metagenomics data (soil, ocean, gut, etc.) to identify functional modules within microbial communities that might differentiate sample or environmental conditions. We are particularly interest