Grupo de Física del medio interestelar

The research carried out by the group is devoted to the study of the physical processes in the interstellar medium associated with the early and late stages of the stellar evolution. These are the phases of the stellar evolution where the stars have the strongest interactions with the interstellar/circumstellar medium through stellar winds, outflows, and accretion of material. The main topics covered in this line are: (i) Early Stages of Star Formation; (ii) Late Stages of Stellar Evolution: Planetary Nebulae and Radio Supernovae. These stages are studied from a multiwavelength approach, including radio and X-rays observations.
The research carried out by our group ensures excellence and internationalization, and makes use of forefront international astronomical facilities, in agreement with the priorities of the Horizon 2020 European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.

Especialización principal

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Disciplina ERC:
  • PE9 Universe Sciences
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  • 6. Space
  • 6.3. Enabling exploitation of space data
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  • 7. Other
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