Cristalografía de óxidos magnéticos, electrónicos y superficies

The activities of the group are based on the application of chemical and magnetic crystallography methods to the investigation of emergent functional oxides. Combining an intensive use of Large Scale Facilities (such as neutron and synchrotron sources) with theoretical symmetry analysis methodologies, we investigate the symmetry-properties relationship associated to structural, magnetic or electronic orders in functional oxides. Current research lines include the study of structure-properties relationship in new multiferroic and magnetoelectric materials with special spin or electronic orders, and the study of novel oxides with giant responses for electronic applications. In addition to bulk materials, surface diffraction synchrotron techniques and surface characterization methods are applied to the study of ordering related phenomena in films and low-dim systems.

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  • PE3 Condensed Matter Physics
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  • 3. Advanced materials
  • 3.1 Cross-cutting and enabling materials technologies
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