Organic molecular tracers in atmospheric PM1 at urban intensive traffic and background sites in two high-insolation European cities

2018 Atmospheric Environment Volume: 188 Initial page: 71 End page: 81
Authors: van Drooge, B.L.;Fontal, M.;Fernández, P.;Fernández, M.A.;Muñoz-Arnanz, J.;Jiménez, B.;Grimalt, J.O.

Seasonal and spatial variation of organic tracers for biomass burning in PM1 aerosols in highly insolated urban areas of humid and dry atmospheres.

2014 Environmental Science and Pollution Research Volume: 21 Initial page: 11661 End page: 11670
Authors: Barend Leendert van Drooge;Marta Fontal;Natalia Bravo;Pilar Fernández;Mario A. Fernández;Juan Muñoz-Arnanz;Begoña Jiménez;Joan O. Grimalt