Functional insights into the infective larval stage of Anisakis simplex s.s., Anisakis pegreffii and their hybrids based on gene expression patterns.

2018 BMC Genomics Volume: 19 Initial page: 592 End page: 1568
Authors: Llorens, C.;Arcos, S. C.;Robertson, L.;Ramos, R.;Futami, R.;Soriano, B.;Ciordia, S.;Careche, M.;González-Muñoz, M.;Jiménez-Ruiz, Y.;Carballeda-Sangiao, N.;Moneo, I.;Albar, J. P.;Blaxter, M.;Navas, all

Proteomic profiling and characterization of differential allergens in the nematodes Anisakis simplex sensu stricto and A. pegreffii

2014 Proteomics Volume: 14 Initial page: 1547 End page:
Authors: Arcos, S.C.;Ciordia, S.;Roberston, L.;Zapico, I.;Jiménez-Ruiz, Y.;Gonzalez-Muñoz, M.;Moneo, I.;Carballeda-Sangiao, N.;Rodriguez-Mahillo, A.;Albar, J.P.;Navas, A.