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del  10/06/2021 - 09:45
al  11/06/2021 - 18:00

Scientific Opportunities for the Spanish Community at XFELs, IQFR-CSIC, Conferencias virtuales

Scientific Opportunities for the Spanish Community at XFELs

The IMDEA-UAM-CSIC initiative, within the Campus of Excellence UAM-CSIC, is inviting you to the workshop on X-ray Free Electron Lasers (XFELs)Scientific Opportunities for the Spanish Community at XFELs” that will be held entirely virtual on June 10-11, 2021.

The workshop is a follow-up event of the 1st Meeting of the European XFEL (EuXFEL) Spanish user community, held at the EuXFEL Users’ Meeting in January 2020 in Hamburg (Germany), and intends to bring closer the XFEL science and its applications to the potential Spanish users’ community.

The first day of the workshop will be entirely dedicated to presentations focused on the research infrastructures available at the EuXFEL and accessible to Spanish research groups, granted by the participation of Spain as a member state in this international consortium. The second day will be fully dedicated to XFEL science and diverse opportunities offered by these unique lightsources. An ample selection of talks, given by the world experts in their respective fields, will illustrate to the Spanish community the potential of XFELs across different scientific disciplines, from Physics and Chemistry to Biology.

This workshop will count with the participation of international specialists who will offer a sample of the results of their research using these XFEL lasers in structural studies with atomic spatial resolution and femtosecond temporal resolution

  • Jerzy Antonowicz (Warsaw University of Technology, Poland) 
  • David Albesa-Jové (BIOFISIKA Basque Centre for Biophysics, UPV/CSIC, Bilbao, Spain)
  • Marco Cammarata (ESRF, Grenoble, France)
  • Henry Chapman (DESY-CFEL, Hamburg, Germany)
  • José Crespo López-Urrutia (Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics, Heidelberg, Germany)
  • Robert Feidenhans’l (European XFEL, Schenefeld, Germany)
  • Marion Harmand (CNRS and Sorbonne Université, Paris France)
  • Manuel Izquierdo (European XFEL, Schenefeld, Germany)
  • Till Jahnke (University of Frankfurt, Germany)
  • Steven Johnson (ETHZ, Switzerland)
  • Max Lederer (European XFEL, Schenefeld, Germany)
  • Adrian Mancuso (European XFEL, Schenefeld, Germany)
  • Michael Meyer (European XFEL, Schenefeld, Germany)
  • Chris Milne (European XFEL, Schenefeld, Germany)
  • Johannes Möller (European XFEL, Schenefeld, Germany)
  • Dooshaye Moonshiram (IMDEA-Nanoscience, Madrid, Spain)
  • Allen Orville (Diamond Light Source, UK)
  • Luis Roso (Centro de Láseres Pulsados-CLPU, Salamanca, Spain)
  • Andreas Scherz (European XFEL, Schenefeld, Germany)
  • Marius Schmidt (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, USA)
  • Michael Schneider (Max Born Institute, Berlin, Germany)
  • Joachim Schulz (European XFEL, Schenefeld, Germany)
  • Pedro Velarde (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain)
  • Ulf Zastrau (European XFEL, Schenefeld, Germany)

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