Musculo y Mitocondrias

Molecular physiopathology of heart, muscle and mitochondria: from flies to mammals.
Muscle fibres and mitochondria are dynamic structures capable of altering their phenotypes in response to different stimuli. During muscle development and mitochondrial pathologies, functional changes are induced. These changes provoke adjustments in muscle mass, fibre-type and mitochondria number and complexity. Several programs and pathways modulate muscle fibre-type shifts, heart development or mitochondrial adaptation. Understanding how these processes are regulated and coordinated is crucial in the development of new treatments for neuromuscular or mitochondrial pathologies. A severe muscle degeneration phenotype frequently develops in conjunction with mitochondrial pathologies. While all these aspects signify a fascinating problem, we still understand little of the basic mechanisms and molecules that determine, regulate and coordinate mitochondrial and muscular functional changes.

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