High-throughput integrated photonic lab-on-a-DVD platforms


The main aim of the proposed research line is to develop high-throughput highly sensitive photonic lab-a-DVD platforms for multiple parallel analysis with an extremely high degree of integration. The already existing high-throughput platforms only use the CD platform as a substrate, without any given functionality, conversely, in this research line, in the DVD platform it is proposed the integration of the following elements: (i) polymeric photonic components (high-sensitivity Mach-Zehnder interferometers, diffraction gratings and hollow prisms). (ii) polymeric microfluidics (hydrophobic valves and mixers). (iii) Chemical modification of the surface with functional groups prone to interact with the specific analyte and (iv) the necessary information in the DVD tracks to allow the usage of the proposed system in modified DVD readers. Additionally, a new set-up will be mounted, in which a second DVD-header will be incorporated, in such a way that simultaneous high-throughput photonic measurements could be easily performed. Clearly, as compared to the existing platforms, the presented research line requires the establishment of a dynamic multidisciplinary group comprising experts of photonics, microfluidics and (bio)chemistry and the results obtained therein will allow the definition of an advanced photonic high-throughput lab-on-a-DVD platform that will definitely have a large number of application fields, ranging from molecular diagnosis to analytical chemistry or proteomics.

Investigador principal: Andreu Llobera Adan



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