Strategies and Policies of Scientific Culture

CSIC organises courses and training meetings for people interested in the dissemination of science, prepares documents aimed at promoting scientific culture and participates in projects and initiatives aimed at assessing the impact of social communication on science.

Diálogos entre ciencia y sociedad
Dialogues between science and society

On 5, 6 y 7 September 2016 this course dedicated to scientific culture in public institutions was held at the Menéndez Pelayo International University.

Cuaderno verde Ciencia Ciudadana
Green Paper on Citizen Science

CSIC has contributed to Green Paper on Citizen Science, produced in the framework of the Socientize European project (7th Framework Programme).


The ComScience European project (2009-2012) is intended to stimulate the links between science and society by exchanging best practices and regional cooperation for the development of a scientific culture at the local level.

European Science Foundation
A Europe with more scientific culture

The CSIC was part of the teamwork that developed, within the European Science Foundation (ESF), a series of recommendations aimed at improving strategies to promote scientific culture among European research institutions. The recommendations are available online.

Red Iberoamericana de Comunicación y Divulgación Científica
Scientific outreach in Ibero-America

The CSIC collaborates with the Organization of Ibero-American States (OEI) in the Red Iberoamericana de Comunicación y Divulgación Científica, that seeks to promote the comprehension and appreciation of the research realised in Ibero-America as well as to foster scientific culture in society.

Encuentro Cultura Científica CSIC
10 keys to promote scientific outreach

Conclusions, proceedings and a video of the I CSIC Meeting for the Coordination of Scientific Culture (June 2011).