Viral membrane proteins

Our objective is to determine the molecular mechanism by which membrane glycoproteins of some viruses (HIV, Ebola) induce the fusion of the cell and viral membranes. Prediction tools have been developed to detect the domains that are inserted into the target membrane. In parallel, we are studying the mechanism of cell membrane permeabilisation, induced by certain viral products (viroporins) during infection (this work on viroporins is in collaboration with L. Carrasco, CBM, Madrid).

Main specialization

Scientific Area:
ERC discipline:
  • LS1 Molecular and Structural Biology and Biochemistry
Industrial Leadership:
  • 4. Biotechnology
  • 4.1. Boosting cutting-edge biotechnologies as future innovation drivers
Societal Challenges:
  • 1. Health, demographic change and wellbeing
  • 1.04. Understanding disease