Stars, Planets and Meteorites

The coming years are called to revolutionize our understanding of planetary systems in the Universe. Major advances are expected from the deep scrutiny of the sites of star and planet formation with ALMA, from the discovery and characterization of exoplanets of all sizes and properties, and from investigation of the materials composing the most primitive bodies in the Solar System. The main activities of the "Stars, Planets and Meteorites" group focus on the area of star formation, exoplanets and minor bodies of the Solar System by addressing fundamental questions such as the environment of planet formation, the architecture of planetary systems, and the conditions for the emergence of life. With the results obtained we gain valuable knowledge to place the Solar System and our Earth in the context of planetary systems in the Universe. We participate in instrumental projects in ground observatories (CARMENES, ALMA) and space missions (CHEOPS, PLATO, ARIEL).

Main specialization

Área de investigación:
Disciplina ERC:
  • PE9 Universe Sciences
Industrial Leadership:
  • 6. Space
  • 6.3. Enabling exploitation of space data
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  • 7. Other
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