Soil-plant system sustainability

The Group focuses on the multidisciplinary research on the soil-plant system, developing technologies of conservation, recovery of soils and for the recycling of organic waste in the soil-plant system. To do this studies are carried out for preparation and evaluation of fertilizers rich in humified organic matter, through the composting of agricultural and agro-industrial by-products with other organic and mineral materials; developing organic amendments which improve the characteristics of the soil, combined with mycorrhizal fungi and other growth promoting microorganisms , allowing to improve the fertility of the soil and the survival of plants in degraded or contaminated areas; Composting is presented as an appropriate technology for the management and treatment of organic waste allowing recycling in the soil-plant system, promoting the Circular Economy model in the production systems.

Main specialization

Scientific Area:
ERC discipline:
  • LS8 Evolutionary, Population and Environmental Biology
Industrial Leadership:
  • 4. Biotechnology
  • 4.1. Boosting cutting-edge biotechnologies as future innovation drivers
Societal Challenges:
  • 5. Climate action, resource efficiency and raw materials
  • 5.2. Sustainably managing natural resources and ecosystems