Oligosaccharides and glycosystems research group

The research group's activity deals with fundamental aspects of carbohydrate chemistry with potential applications in biology and biomedicine. Within this wide topic, we devote special attention to: i) the synthesis of bioactive compounds; ii) the development of new synthetic transformations; and iii) the study of new glycosylation processess with a focus on their application to the preparation of biologically relevant oligosaccharides.The fluorescent labelling of biomolecules has established itself as a basic tool for studies on biological interactions, detection techniques and even in studies on diagnoses and phototherapy in certain diseases. In this context, the group has started a new research activity aiming at the design and synthesis of novel conjugatable fluorescent probes as a tool for their potential application to relevant topics in the carbohydrates and glycoconjugation areas.

Main specialization

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  • PE5 Synthetic Chemistry and Materials
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