Meteorites and Planetary Geosciences: space missions, terrestrial analogs and experimental modelling

The activities of the research group have the benefit of more than 25 years of studies, mainly under the institutional framework of CSIC, about different aspects regarding Earth and Planetary Sciences. Our research of meteorites covers the characterization of various types of asteroidal and Martian specimens (also considering their museistic significance). These studies are linked to the investigation in the field of meteoritic impact events and structures in Spain and other countries (e.g. Mauritania). The research of terrestrial analogs is principally focused on the identification of geomarkers which are characteristic of water-related environments (related to planetary habitability). Our participation in planetary (Mars) missions is centered in NASA-MSL (Curiosity) and ESA-ExoMars, and in the Marco Polo-R mission (working groups of regolith development and mineralogy). Finally, other further actions are connected to geoeducational and geoethical issues applied to such subjects.

Main specialization

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  • PE10 Earth System Science
Industrial Leadership:
  • 6. Space
  • 6.1. Enable European competitiveness, non-dependence and innovation in space activities
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  • 7. Other
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