Marine biogeochemistry, atmosphere and climate

Our research aims at gaining knowledge about the central role of the marine biosphere in the cycling of elements (mainly carbon, nitrogen and sulfur) in the oceans and across the ocean-atmosphere boundary in the context of global environmental change. Both benthic and pelagic ecosystems are considered as drivers and receptors of changes in biogeochemical fluxes and climate, and the ecophysiological bases of their responses to environmental stressors are addressed. The main research topics are ocean acidification and warming, paleoceanography, ecology of benthic communities, biogenic trace gases, photochemistry and photobiology, and biogenic aerosols and clouds. Ours is a multi-scale perspective both through time (past, present and future) and space (local to global). Tools include chemical, isotopic and microscopical analyses, molecular biology, automated in situ monitoring, time series and oceanographic studies, environment manipulation facilities, global databases, and satellites.

Main specialization

Scientific Area:
ERC discipline:
  • PE10 Earth System Science
Industrial Leadership:
  • 7. Other
  • 7.1. Other
Societal Challenges:
  • 5. Climate action, resource efficiency and raw materials
  • 5.5. Developing comprehensive and sustained global environmental observation and information systems