Gravimetry, Tides and Geodynamics

The group carries out research within the fields of Geodesy and Gravimetry. Practical applications are mainly located at the Canary Islands.
-Research fields: Earth tides and ocean tidal loading, with applications for studying of the elasticity of the Earth’s crust. Deformations of the Earth’s crust using geodetic control networks and continuous gravity measurements. Time series analysis and study disturbing effects on terrestrial geodetic measurements. Modeling of the Earth's crust through gravity inversion.
-Professors from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (group UCM-Geodesy), University of Burgos, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, University of Vigo, Institute of Natural Products and Agrobiology (CSIC), University of Porto, University of Newcastle, Institute of Physics of the Earth (Russian Acad. of Sciences) participate also on the ongoing research projects

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  • PE10 Earth System Science
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