Fluids Engineering

The group research is devoted to Fluid Mechanics, covering basic as well as applied aspects, but always with a preferred orientation to solving problems of practical interest. Considering the wide spectrum of processes in which Fluid Mechanics plays a significant role, there is a large variety of specific research items. For example, and without being exhaustive, some topics that are being investigated include modeling and simulation of turbulent flows with chemical reactions, direct numerical simulation of mixing and reaction in turbulent flows, flow computation with finite element methods, hydrodynamic cavitation to induce chemical conversion, experimental studies of particle/droplet-laden unforced and forced jets, , development of optical and conventional measurement techniques, liquid atomization and drop formation, or design and characterization of atomizing nozzles.

Main specialization

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  • PE9 Universe Sciences
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  • 7. Other
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Societal Challenges:
  • 3. Secure, clean and efficient energy
  • 3.5. New knowledge and technologies